Creative Director

As the Creative Director of Joyride (the branded content agency of the the LADbible Group) you will be working within a fast-growing, award-winning social publishing company which has an enormous influence on a young generation.


Joyride is uniquely positioned to help brands navigate through the competitive content space by tapping into the millions-strong community of followers we’ve built across our social channels. This community gives us unrivalled and unfiltered insights into what makes young people tick, plus a huge content distribution option that most agencies could only dream of. 


Whether it’s sparking a movement - changing hearts and minds about big societal issues in collaboration with a brand - or imagining an innovative new way to launch a product to the masses – we find relatable ways to make young people listen up and engage. The variety of brands we work with makes it all the more rewarding.


The role:

Reporting directly into the agency head, you will play an integral role shaping and overseeing the diverse creative output across an exciting range of brand sectors and audience interest areas.


This new and exciting senior role presents an enormous opportunity for a diversely talented, inspirational, ambitious, open-minded creative who has worked on transformative business for the world’s best brands, with a real desire to show their pedigree and make a difference at a next-generation youth media brand. As a pioneering member of our new agency offering, we need someone with genuine leadership skills, passion, energy and vision to build and steer a multi-faceted creative team.


Extensive experience working in relevant role(s) at media, creative, social or agencies is ideal.


We are looking for a passionate individual with a keen understanding of various advertising models, an understanding of content publishing and the social space, new media technologies, activation principles, a strong commercial acumen, familiarity of co-creation between brands and publishers, and general cultural savviness.




Creative leadership:

Bringing extensive experience across creative brand platforms, conceptual creative, storytelling and content creation, copywriting, experiential, with a keen sense for branding and visual aesthetics. The Creative Director will manage and help grow the talented existing team to fully service the creative needs of all new business opportunities, both reactive and proactive.


LADbible Group Co-Branded Content: 

The Creative Director must lead and advise the team dedicated to co-creating branded and sponsored content for brands, in which the content is distributed within the LADbible Group ecosystem. It is essential to understand the ebbs and flows of social newsfeeds, stay up to speed with new social platform features and trends; and understand how to conjure up and translate concepts to have maximal effect in a social setting. An appreciation of the editorial tones of our channels, and building a bank of knowledge around what creative resonates with our community, is essential.


New business:

Working closely with the Strategy Director, the Creative Director will lead the creative ideas and development on our highest potential pitches, pulling in a collaborating with specialists from other domains of Joyride and the commercial team in the process. Meanwhile, ensuring we are set up with sound creative frameworks that enables others in the creative team to work autonomously. 


New Creative Products:

Help mould the creative identity of new, emerging commercial products and services emerging from Joyride and the LADbible Group. Working closely with the Head of Joyride.


Key accounts:

Working closely with the Client Services Director and Strategy Director, there is a need in this role is to provide a high level of creative consultation and personal guidance throughout on flagship live partnerships - and/or manage an appointed creative, depending on the nature of the task at hand - to ensure they remain true to the vision.


Social Movements:

LADbible Group are committed to being ‘positively social’, creating big impact movements that encourage exciting debate, meaningful conversations and positive action; be it around mental health, politics, the environment, etc. The Creative Director will provide strategic direction and support, helping devise commercial tie-in opportunities where appropriate.


Creative analysis

Regular assessment of the creative work to understand strengths, limitations, opportunities and areas to improve.


Promoting the vision:

Helping define, clarify and educate others on the agreed creative vision of Joyride’s output. The Creative Director will occasionally be called upon to support or lead workshops and development sessions with clients and agencies to showcase the capability and credentials of LADbible Group / Joyride.



  • Champion you and your team’s work.
  • The ability to perform under pressure with tight deadlines.
  • General ability to adapt quickly within a rapidly growing company
  • Genuine passion for the LADbible brand
  • Excellent presentation (particularly Keynote) and communication skills
  • A love for working collaboratively, who will add real value to the company